„Instagram“: ekstremalūs ryžių trapučių pokyčiai

Kuo dabar labiausiai užsiėmę kūrybingieji „Instagram“ vartotojai? Ogi ryžių trapučių transformacijomis. Vieni jų stengėsi ryžių traputį paversti rimtu dienos patiekalu, kiti – net per daug saldžiu bokšto formos desertu. Visi šie bandymai slypi po grotelėmis #PimpMyRiceCakes ir #LeaningTowerOfRiceCakes.

Red Velvet Oreo #LeaningTowerOfRiceCakes! In order to end this refeed day on a high note, I had to bring back an episode of #PimpMyRiceCakes in the form of this beautiful tower! Ohh how I’ve missed these ? Macros: 685 cals, 111g carbs, 8g fat, 44g protein Yes this is refeed day #MacroFriendly ? Not errday MacroFriendly for all of you who will let me know ? So this tower was made up of 3 plain and 3 Chocolate Crunch rice cakes with each layer stuffed with my cheesecake protein pudding. Then drizzled some red velvet and white chocolate icing down the sides. Tossed crushed red velvet Oreos and sprinkles all over it and then add a couple scoops of vanilla Froyo on top. Then put the red velvet Oreo on top like the star on the Christmas tree ? then drizzled some left over white chocolate icing all over it ??? How good does that look!?!? Last chance to get 25% off the FDL Book of Recipes by using the discount code “donut” via the link in my bio! The link will take you to a special sneak peak inside the book so at least check that out! My cheesecake protein pudding recipe will be found in there along with 90+ other of my macro friendly/life saving recipes ? Now off to bed because I need to get some sleep because it has been a very little sleep filled week ?? Thanks and God Bless, Zach FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com #flexibledietinglifestyle #ifitfitsyourlifestyle

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#PimpMyRiceCakes Cheesy Sriracha Fajita #LeaningTowerOfRiceCakes! Aww yeah nothing like a tower of gainzzz!! ?????? I play with my food too much lol But anyways, here we have 6 plain rice cakes topped with some sauteed broccoli, green peppers and pan fried zucchini covered in my homemade cheese sauce and sriracha! So good! Macros: 534 cals, 86g carbs, 5g fat, 21g protein I honestly love this meal and is arguably my favorite meal so definitely give it a try! And yes you just eat it one level at a time ?? Thanks and God Bless, Zach FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com #flexibledietinglifestyle #ifitfitsyourlifestyle A photo posted by Zach Rocheleau (@theflexibledietinglifestyle) on Aug 26, 2016 at 6:50pm PDT

Stapelgek op deze nieuwe #foodtrend! Wij spotten heel wat torens met #pimpmyricecakes. Tijd voor onze eigen Mexicaanse variant. Ben jij ook creatief met (rijst)wafels? Deel ‘m met #stapeljewafel. Hoe hoger hoe beter! #rijstwafel #ricecake #allerhande Wat heb je nodig voor deze variant? 8 maïswafels guacamole 2 el maïs een half potje tacosaus 3 plakjes kipfilet salsa van klein gesneden rode ui en groene paprika (tabasco naar smaak) geraspte cheddar een dot zure room koriander limoen Tip: smeer een dun laagje zure room op de wafel waar je maïs en salsa oplegt zodat het beter blijft plakken. Val gelijk aan zodat je maïswafels nog lekker knapperig zijn!

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#PimpMyRiceCakes Buttered Popcorn Spicy Pepper Jack Sriracha Jalapeño Burger! Today is a low day so breaking out the clutch rice cake burgers and this time I brought out the buttered popcorn rice cakes! Had the crazy idea to not only use this flavor but to add even more popcorn to burger ? So the details were a 4oz 96/4 lean ground beef burger topped with fat free pepper jack. Then a layer of fresh popped popcorn topped with another slice of fat free pepper jack. Then topped that with Sriracha and fresh jalapeños slices! Macros: 305 cals, 27g carbs, 4g fat, 34g protein If you do any recipes off my page at all, just please make one of these rice cake burgers and it will change your life! Just try it. Seriously just for me. That’s all I ask ?? you’ll thank me later ? Do I have any rice cake burger team members out there or what!? Thanks and God Bless, Zach FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com #flexibledietinglifestyle #ifitfitsyourlifestyle A photo posted by Zach Rocheleau (@theflexibledietinglifestyle) on Jun 23, 2016 at 11:22am PDT

#PimpMyRiceCakes Fruity Crisp Oreo #LeaningTowerOfRiceCakes! Well hello there big tower of gainzzzz! 6 plain rice cakes with each layer stuffed with my fruity pebble cheesecake protein pudding. Then a nice cheesecake drizzle down the side topped with a scoop of vanilla Froyo, a fruity crisp Oreo and a nice layer of fruity pebble bits all over errthang! Macros: 594 cals, 93g carbs, 4g fat, 44g protein Aww yeah ???? Hope you all my friends are having a great saturday so far! Remember to use the discount code “poptart” for 30% off your copy of the all new FDL Protein Poptart Book of Recipes! Sale is only through the weekend so don’t miss out and have to pay full price! ? link is in my bio for a special sneak peak inside the book ? Thanks and God Bless, Zach FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com #flexibledietinglifestyle #ifitfitsyourlifestyle

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