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7 tėvų ir vaikų „Instagram“ paskyros

Šią savaitę švenčiame Vaikų gynimo dieną ir Tėvo dieną, tad dalijamės dvigubomis paskyromis: vienose jų vaikai gamina tėvams, kitose – tėvai gamina vaikams.

@dad_beets paskyra:

Šios paskyros autorius gamina apetitą žadinančius sumuštinius ir dalijasi savo dviejų atžalų nuotraukomis.

A rare, behind-the-scenes look at the sous chef and I doing work in the kitchen… putting together that almond butter + banana + spicy honey + potato chip sandwich (see previous post for more info and finished sando pic) // Also, excited to announce I’ll be taking over the @hatchery account on Sunday, March 13. Mark your calendars! In the meantime, go browse the @hatchery marketplace and pick up a bunch of artisanal foodstuffs for you and your fam… like the almond butter and spicy honey used in this recipe. [?: @mysequinlife]

A photo posted by NICK (@dad_beets) on Mar 1, 2016 at 10:48am PST

@easytoddlermeals paskyra:

Buvusi žinių reporterė yra išleidusi lengvų šeiminių patiekalų receptų knygą ir siekia, kad sveikas maistas vaikams atrodytų patrauklus ir nuotaikingas.

Fun Quesadillas A simple yet easy breakfast option. Used spinach for green, egg for yellow, and cheese for orange. Served in our favorite silicone plate @oogaababy #oogaalove #toddlerlife #toddler #momlife #toddlerfood #love #creativefood A photo posted by Family & Kids Meals (@easytoddlermeals) on Feb 23, 2016 at 7:34am PST

@foodbabyny paskyra:

Mike išbando geriausią Niujorko gatvių maistą jį fotografuodamas savo dviejų vaikų fone.

Beyond excited to have @snowdaysnyc in our neighborhood with their new Forest Hills location, opening today ???? ?? Come to this location for the special Food Baby combo, which is made with Taro Snow Cream ?? #??? #??? #foodbabylovessnowdays

A photo posted by Food Baby (@foodbabyny) on May 27, 2016 at 7:38am PDT

@babyfooduniverse paskyra:

Mama iš Danijos kuria sveiko ir natūralaus maisto receptus vaikams.

Can’t wait to come back from vacation to cook for you guys! Mean time enjoy this account that I just love love love! @bento_mommy ‘s bento lunch box work! She’s so creative and talented and definitely worth checking out! She makes kids food so much fun and she makes it look easy as well ? . She makes videos as showing the process of making the food which I love. @bento_mommy ・・・ One of my simplest yet most nutritious recipes for Baby Z is beetroot and Greek yogurt blended into a lump-like texture. Baby Z loves this simple snack made of beetroot and yogurt. Beetroots are very high in antioxidants which is perfect for Baby Z since he has a G6DP deficiency. Having a large intake of food that are high in antioxidant are important for children with G6PD deficiency like baby Z. A photo posted by Homemade Baby and Toddler Food (@babyfooduniverse) on Apr 27, 2016 at 1:09pm PDT

@bevcooks paskyra:

Beiv Weidner gamina savo vaikams ir mėgsta leisti laiką su jais gamtoje.

Thunderstormy days call for my faaaavorite indoor picnics with soft cheese and crackers, Quaker Breakfast Flats galore (oh hi, every serving is less than 200 calories and has 18 (??) grams of whole grains), and TODDLER PIGGY TOES. Hmmm, I think I’ll start with the toes. ? #quakerflats #breakfastflats #sponsored ??

A photo posted by Bev Weidner (@bevcooks) on May 19, 2016 at 2:05pm PDT

@leesamantha paskyra:

Maisto menininkė gamina taip, kad tai galėtų valgyti vaikai.

I wouldn’t have nothing if I don’t have you. -#monstersinc #leesamantha A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on Jan 29, 2016 at 4:34am PST

@superhealthykids paskyra:

Ši paskyra moko ne tik kaip gaminti vaikams, bet ir kaip juos auginti.

Quick gardens! Did you know microgreens are ready to Harvest in only 2-6 days! So fun for kids who don’t like to wait to see the results! ????????. We topped our pizza with this basil… Learn how to grow them here #linkinprofile #gardening #kidsfood #kidsactivity #microgreens #basil #healthykids #fitkids #funfood #kidsgarden

A photo posted by Super Healthy Kids (@superhealthykids) on May 12, 2016 at 6:51am PDT

#instagram #kądovanoti #tetis #tėvodiena

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